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We strive to be ATTENTIVE, DILIGENT, and SUCCESSFUL for each client that walks into our law office.

At Batista Law Firm, we provide the personal attention of a small law firm and the experience and technology of a large firm.

When clients come to us, they can expect us to shoot straight with them. We're going to objectively size up what their issues are and how we can help them resolve those problems. Our attorneys offer top quality legal work, and do it directly, cost effectively, and with a wealth of talent and success that our historical results have shown.

Each of our lawyers has specific expertise that is able to serve our clients' needs most effectively and to get the best result possible for that client. We are very agile and creative at the Batista Law Firm and have years of experience amongst our lawyers and years of achieving top results.

We don't tell you what YOU want to hear, we tell you what you NEED to hear and find creative SOLUTIONS where others don't.

We, at Batista Law Firm, understand that clients desire an attorney who will work with them in bringing about the best possible outcome, who will answer all their questions and explain their options The legal process is more than just Court and paperwork – it is about people, it is about our clients and their needs. Our office will do our best to provide you with effective, professional and personalized representation from the start of your case to its conclusion.

A law firm must be attentive, responsive, cost effective and successful for its clients in order to thrive. The Batista Law Firm has distinguished itself from other law firms through a high level of personal, hands-on attentiveness to clients' legal needs. They treat their clients' problems as their own. Their results-oriented approach often enables their clients to avoid costly delays, legal fees and litigation.

The Batista Law Firm lawyers take a proactive approach to representing clients. They get to know their clients' businesses so that they can help clients avoid legal problems before they occur. If they do however, they are zealous advocates for their clients from the boardroom to the courtroom.

Clients of Batista Law Firm include corporations in diverse industries, lending institutions, government entities, public and private institutions and many individuals and families. Clients choose Batista Law Firm for its experienced attorneys who consistently provide cost-effective, creative solutions to complex legal and business problems. The firm has been and will always be committed to providing the highest level of legal services to clients.