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NJ Property Tax Appeals - Challenging Your Tax Rate

If you own your home, an investment property or commercial property, you have the right to try to appeal your real estate/property taxes. If you feel that your property taxes are unreasonably high you must act now.

The filing deadline for assessment appeals is April 1st of each year. The property tax that you pay each and every year is officially determined by a qualified town assessor. If your property taxes are improperly or over assessed, you could be paying too much every year. In that case, filing a tax appeal may be for you.

Retaining an attorney is often advisable in a situation where you are considering challenging your real estate tax. The Batista Law Firm is qualified to clarify the process, evaluate your property, instruct you regarding how to proceed, and successfully handle the tax appeal for you.

The Batista Law Firm recommends that you act now as the tax appeals must be filed timely, and with the proper supporting documentation. Let us handle the matter for you so that you have the best chance of success.

The Batista Law Firm attorneys have the background and knowledge of what is necessary to overcome the presumption of validity. The attorneys can effectively negotiate on your behalf to reduce your property assessment. .

The Batista Law Firm has successfully defended numerous tax appeals before the Tax Court, the property tax appeal department is equipped to represent your interests before County Boards of Taxation and any appeals taken to the Tax Court of New Jersey.

As such, the Batista Law Firm attorneys will ensure that all procedures, including the April 1st deadline to file property tax appeals, are followed, and all necessary evidence and experts are produced to obtain the best results possible.

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